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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 27, 2010 3:05am-4:30am EST

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all 90 passengers on board died in that crash. in peru, officials hope they can rerescue hundreds more stranded tourists today from the
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famed even ka trail to mach chee peach chew. the military was able to airlift 20 sick and elderly people off the mountain yesterday. the trouble started sunday when heavy rains washed away roads and bridges. at least five have died as a result of flooding. here's a look at your wednesday weather. more rain for southern california. inarizona, new mexico, and peven the rockies. texas panhandle. lake-effect snow from michigan to upstate new york. >> 42 in boston. 40 in baltimore. 72 in miami. 4 in fargo. 24 in omaha. 28 in detroit. 40s in boise and colorado springs. phoenix gets up to 64 today. pretty unbelievable story here. proof this morning that you can still do well in real estate. >> donald trump, the donald, has sold his palm beach mansion for a whopping $95 million. >> cha-ching! >> good return on the investment. he bought it for $41 million in
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2004. that's a 130% return, even in this market. the luxury beachfront home has 22 bathrooms, a 48-car garage, and it sits on nearly 500 feet of ocean. >> i know you are wondering who fought this thing. the buyer is a russian billionaire who says it was simply an investment. he can clearly afford the real estate taxes. they are about $1 million a year. >> we could not even scrounge together the tax money on that place. >> 48-car garage. >> jay leno, surprised he didn't buy it, he could fill that thing up. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now." that's why you should consider... an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by united healthcare insurance company. it can help cover some of what medicare doesn't... in out-of-pocket expenses. call now for this free information kit... and edicare guide., if you're turning 65 or you're already on medicare,
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we talked about it when it happened last november. former cnn anchor lou dobbs walking away from his anchor desk after nearly 30 years. >> these days dobbs still keeping busy. as terry moran found out he's also keeping all his options open. >> this is "lou dobbs tonight." >> sometimes it seems like there
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are two lou dobbs. there's angry lou. >> that's the kind of question we get from a congressional committee? give me a break. >> reporter: angry lou became a raging populist cable news crusader in recent years. turning his nightly cnn program into a soapbox for rants on illegal immigration, federal spending, barack obama, and other things that made him mad. >> are the american people ever going to get any representation in that screwball town? >> reporter: lou dobbs' cable raves perfect for its political moment. he stoked and echoed back the anti-washington sentiment that rose to a crescendo in massachusetts last week and propelled republican scott brown's shocking upset victory. >> this is the people's seat! >> reporter: but then there's affable lou. how are things? >> excellent. excellent, how about you? >> reporter: lou dobbs, it turn uz out, is a hard fy not to like. as we found out on a visit to his 300-acre horse farm in rural
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new jersey. >> you like horses? >> well, no, actually. i don't. >> well, let's go see if they like you. >> reporter: dobbs is spending more time down on his farm these days ever since november when, after months of tension with management, he abruptly quit cnn, a network he joined when it launched in 1980. >> this will be my last broadcast here on cnn. >> reporter: so now what? well, how about senator lou dobbs. or president lou dobbs? >> a number of people have asked me to -- obviously to think about president, senate. i would be lying if i told you i wasn't enamored at various junctures in my thinking with the idea. >> reporter: so what does lou want? >> in the early years at cnn dobbs was a button-down business anchor. he was cozy with ceos and a plate tant cheerleader for corporate america. the question some people ask is, what happened to lou dobbs?
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back in the '90s and '80s he was a pillar of the establishment. >> right. >> what happened? >> 2001. 2002. and a sense that the country was going in the wrong direction. i frankly said, enough's enough. the national media has been complicit in allowing this administration to get away with breaking that promise. >> reporter: every weekday, dobbs rallies the talk radio faithful on his syndicated show which, along with a website and a lou dobbs store and three best-sellers, represent a campaign to brand him as mr. independent. >> and now, everyone's favorite radical centrist, lou dobbs. >> yee-haw, america. >> reporter: the hottest bot ton dobbs has pushed, again and again, is illegal immigration. >> also, illegal aliens already in this country costing citizens billions of dollars. >> reporter: for years in his "broken borders" segment he warned of dire dangers from illegal immigrants, including running a false report on the
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number of leprosy cases in the u.s. he railed against just about any plan that called for a path to legalization for illegal immigrants. there were protests and campaigns to get cnn to dump dobbs. do you think europe lar with hispanic americans? >> i don't know that i'm popular but i'm trying. >> "fortune" magazine -- >> i hope i will be, by the way. i intend to be part of the solution. >> you hope you will be? >> yeah. >> popular with hispanic americans? >> absolutely. >> because you might need their votes? >> might need their votes. and besides, i'm a hell of a nice guy, why not? >> reporter: he might need their votes. so in a move that shocked critics and supporters alike, dobbs told the spanish language network telemundo now he actually supports a path to u.s. citizenship for illegal immigrants. >> we need the ability to legalize illegal immigrants on certain conditions. >> reporter: dobbs has been labeled a turncoat by former
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fans. but he denies it. >> i have said from 2003 on that i support a rational, effective, and humane immigration policy. >> so the charge of flip-flopping, people -- >> oh, come on. >> what they're accusing you of is opportunism, rank opportunism. >> i think i'm being disqualified here. i've made mistakes as a journalist, and my god, i would actually consider other avenues to pursue. this sounds like a bad person to the bone. >> but are you changing your tune? do you feel like -- >> hell, yes, i'm changing my tune. >> you are? >> absolutely. and if i weren't changing my tune, i think i'd be something of a moron. >> reporter: lou dobbs has certainly grown from the small-town kid to the sober tv anchor to the angry populist crusader to -- what? the senator? maybe it depends on which lou he chooses to be. >> certainly a polarizing figure
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and a lot of people point to the period where he was demanding president obama show his birth certificate. >> the birther movement. he is sort of synonymous with that. we know more about lou dobbs now. we also know more about terry moran and he doesn't like horses apparently. looking ahead to what so many people are excited about today. >> we will hear what some today. >> we will hear what some techies are talking about as vo: in the event of a car crash, three t of four kids are not asece as they shoulde bec their seats are not usedorrectly.
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buthe latch sysm mes it easier get rig and to hold your kids tight. anchortether. latch. learnore well, apple, incorporated has been around more than 30 years. it's only been over the last decade or so that its products have had such a profound impact on how many people live their lives. >> desktop computer systems in the late '70s were the first to have color graphics. in the mid '90s imac changed how we thought about computers, that they can be cute. its rainbow of colors changed gadget design altogether. >> in 2001 the all-white ipod
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meant we could take our music with us in style. then at least years ago this month the iphone was born, revolutionizing the smart phone market. we've all got them here at work. you just got one. >> i finally got on the up and down wagon. >> steve jobs says the company's next device will be its greatest yet. we know almost nothing about what he'll unveil today except it will be some kind of tablet computer. >> all of the mystery's only adding to the suspense. we asked three people who write and blog about apple to share their hopes and expectations. here they are in their own words. >> is steve jobs going to be able to deliver with this one? yeah, i think so. i think going to be a very big deal in computing. >> half of what the tech press wants and 99% of what real actual people need. >> i think steve jobs absolutely can live up to expectations. even though they're crazy high expectations. >> i think if you look at the iphone and the ipod touch, these are -- it's a new computing paradigm that's completely
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different than the last. they're designed for fingers and not for keyboards and mice. this is why the tablets have failed in the past. >> it could redefine computing for the masses but the press will still call it apple's biggest disaster since the tube. if it's a success they'll say, no, we said from the start it will be great just like we did with the iphone. >> i think the thing with apple is that they just make products that people want to use. if you enjoy using, people are going to love using. they didn't invent the smart phone but they brought out the iphone which all the way around, from hardware to interface, is a beautiful and compelling device that people want to use. >> these things change not just the technology industry but the entire culture. this changes how people use these machines. >> very, very easy to use, a 2-year-old can use an iphone. people battle with computers daily. pcs and macs. they shouldn't have to. e-mail, photos, music, that sort of thing. so what i'm hoping apple will do is kind redefine computing for
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the masses as much as that's going to anger the typical geek. >> i'll be real happy to see a device that fits perfectly between an iphone and a laptop in terms of size and one where apple is going to show us what the heck we do with a device of that size. >> these are not three separate devices. this is one device. >> steve jobs is a genius. he has invented and reinvented computers and digital devices over and over again. and, you know, people rightly expect to see something pretty magical. >> there's been a little bit of confusion. keep in mained it's unveiled today but we can't buy it until a little bit down the road. >> a lot of people thought, i can go to the store and get it right away. that is not the case although we will be lining up to get it just like so many of us did the ipod. you can use your ipod, your iphone, soon your tablet to go to facebook and search "world news now" and join our fan club. let's listen to what music he's
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got on here. listening to zz top, wow.
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"world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> "morning paper" time. you know, this is such a bizarre story. it's sort of a sweet ending to a story that might not have had such a sweet ending after all. sweet is important here. there's this guy who is a beekeeper, he collected honey, and he died. he collapsed near his barn in poland. he was not breathing, no pulse. he died. and of course they called the paramedics. they came along, said that he was not breathing, no pulse, he's dead, body had cooled. goes to the funeral home. is put in the coffin. the thing's closed and all that. the undertaker goes to take his personal effects out of the coffin. just by happenstance, happens to touch the guy's artery in the neck and realizes -- >> no! >> he's alive.
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yeah. the guy was alive. thank goodness this astute undertaker was paying attention. he checked it, he was totally shocked. he said, there's a pulse. his assistant came along and checked it too. they leaned in close, they could tell that the guy was still breathing. >> was he sleeping? >> i don't know. >> during all this pulse-checking? >> i don't know. they took him to the hospital, intensive care, he was released after treatment. apparently was some sort of deep sleep. it's a miracle, perhaps. >> sounds to me like some of these paramedics may have made quite a blunder there. >> i smell a lawsuit coming. >> yeah. >> wow. >> okay. so we get to show you this morning another picture of a pregnant man. take a look at this. >> as if the first one wasn't enough. >> yeah, that's right. of course everyone remembers the first. the story here is a little bit
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different. this couple was both born as girls. they've undergone surgery to transform their sex. they're both girls and the back story behind the two of them is that they already have two children together. one of the guys had two kids from a previous marriage. and of course all this reminds you of the other pregnant man, tom he's beady from oregon. the couple said the reason they chose to come out with this story is they want to show the world transfamilies can be healthy, loving and nurturing. they have a lot of trouble finding someone who is willing to treat them. we don't want to treat someone who's pregnant in this condition because he looks like a man, and they said they didn't want to surprise anyone or catch anyone off guard. >> not to down play what's going on here, that just looks like a guy with a big belly, doesn't isn't it. >> it does. >> doesn't look pregnant. hey, so the bookies are already getting to ourction community it's our lifeline to the emergency information we need
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it's a free service that provides free entertainment. but one day soon, it could be taken away. there's a movement among special interest groups to limit free antenna tv and millions of americans who depend on it would lose out. let's tell congress to keep free antenna tv as part of our communications future. always free and always local. it's our connection to our community it's our lifeline to the emergency information we need it's a free service that provides free entertainment. but one day soon, it could be taken away. there's a movement among special interest groups to limit free antenna tv and millions of americans who depend on it would lose out. let's tell congress to keep free antenna tv as part of our communications future. always free and always local. rob, what's up? how's it going? how's it going? guys, this is my cousin rob from michigan.
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this morning, sales suspended. toyota stops selling its most popular cars as it searches for problems plaguing drivers. >> our accelerator's stuck, we're in trouble. we can't -- there's no brake. >> what's causing toyotas to race out of control. haiti's heart. an exclusive look inside demolished national palace. a leader and his wife now living in a tent. and, big apple. a big day for the electronics wonder. huge buzz but no one knows for sure what's in store. >> only apple, a company with this kind of track record, could play hide the peanut like they have. >> we're just hours from the unveiling on this wednesday, january 27th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we're going to go out on the scene to check that out tonight. so stick around. >> everybody's waiting to see
3:31 am
that unveiling. >> it's big news. >> good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm jeremy hubbard. toyota is in crisis mode, taking a major step to temporarily stop selling and making some of the most popular vehicles in the country. >> toyota will suspend sales of nearly half the models it makes to fix gas pedal problems. our brian ross was the first to investigate and report the safety issues. he has these latest developments. >> reporter: toyota dealers were told to suspend sales of eight different models because the company says the gas pedals may stick and the cars run out of control. the models include the camry, corolla, rav4, matrix, avalon, highlander, tundra and sequoia. 2.3 million cars of the same model were put on recall last week but remain on the road, leaving some of their owners very wary. >> i used to have a lot of toyotas, never had this problem before. >> reporter: the action follows reports of some 2,000 accidents and at least 20 deaths linked to
3:32 am
runaway toyotas. most dramatic, what happened to california highway patrol officer mike saylor, driving a 2009 lexus with three members of his family when the car sped out of control. >> our accelerator's stuck, we're in trouble. there's no brake. >> reporter: his brother-in-law called 911 from the back seat. >> okay, and you don't have the ability to like turn the vehicle off or anything? >> we're approaching the intersection, we're approaching the intersection. hold on. >> reporter: all four people in the car died. at first, toyota blamed only floor mats catching the gas pedal. and ordered the recall in november of some 4.3 million sets of floor mats. at toyota corporate headquarters, the company president, akio toyoda, offered deepest condolences for the deaths. executives claim the u.s. government has found no other problem whatsoever. >> the question of unintended acceleration involving toyota or lexus vehicles has been thoroughly investigated by nhtsa's engineering experts.
3:33 am
without any finding of defect other than an unsecured or incompatible driver's floor mat. >> reporter: that was not true. toyota had to admit it. as the reports of deaths and accidents continued even after the floor mat recall. >> there's someone upside down in a car in the pond and they've been in there for over a minute now. >> reporter: four people died the day after christmas when this toyota avalon crashed through a fence and landed upside down in a pond in suburban dallas. the floor mats were found in the trunk of the car where toyota had told owners to put them in the recall. in addition to suspending sales of the eight models toyota has also stopped production at five different factories in texas, kentucky, indiana, and canada, involving more than 20,000 employees. some toyota owners say the problem will still not be fixed even when the company solves the sticky gas pedal problem. no one at toyota headquarters in tokyo early wednesday morning
3:34 am
would agree to speak with abc news. and security guards ordered our crew to turn off its cameras and leave the premises. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> and we have posted much more information on the toyota recall on our website. president obama faces a huge challenge delivering his first state of the union address tonight. he's hoping to clarify and defend his agenda to an increasingly skeptical and dissatisfied nation. among his proposals, a three-year spending freeze on some domestic programs. and as jake tapper reports, that has critics from both sides of the aisle already fired up. >> reporter: the president will propose a freeze on spending that's not related to national security. a proposal that drew heat from liberals questioning his priorities. >> if people are hungry you want to make sure we're appropriately so nobody goes hungry. if we're spending money on weapons systems that are no long earl in the fight against terrorism, you want to eliminate that. >> reporter: and conservatives
3:35 am
saying he's not cutting nearly enough. >> we've been on quite a binge over the last 12 months and it's going to take a lot more than just this kind of modest freeze to get us back on the right track. >> reporter: over the next decade the government is projected to take in a lot of money, more than $36 trillion. but it will spend a lot more than that. the president says he's serious about bringing costs under control. >> we face a deficit that will take some tough decisions in the next year's budget and years to come to get under control. >> reporter: in that big pile of spending money there's a lot that he either cannot or will not touch in this proposed freeze. medicare. social security. defense spending, no freeze on that. not to mention homeland security. the veterans administration. and many more. in total, more than $37 trillion which the president will not touch. so what's left to freeze? the remaining one-eighth of the budget, what they call nonsecurity-related
3:36 am
discretionary spending. the freeze saves $250 billion over 10 years. less than 1% of what the government will spend. >> it's only one of the things that we're going to be doing. but it's nonetheless important. it's important to draw the line somewhere. >> reporter: the deficit has become a political liability. 56% of americans disapprove of the way president obama is handling it. and among independents who have flocked to republicans in recent elections, he fares even worse. with 2-1 disapproval. one step the president can take, he's going to announce at the state of the union that he is freezing the salaries of top white house officials and eliminating bonuses for political appointees. that will affect roughly 1,200 members of the obama administration. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. president obama has no public appearances scheduled today. instead, he will be meeting with senior advisers and fine-tuning that speech. abc news will have live coverage of the president's address followed by the republican
3:37 am
response beginning tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. senate leaders have scheduled a vote for tomorrow on whether federal reserve chairman ben bernanke wins a second term. bernanke was poised to be the fall guy over growing public anger at the financial bailouts and the struggling economy but it appears he's gotten over that hurdle and will likely win confirmation. there are new clues this morning in the crash of that ethiopian airliner off beirut. officials in lebanon say the pilot made a fast and strange turn after takeoff early monday morning, flying in the opposite direction recommended by the control tower. but they are cautioning against drawing any conclusions about the plane's path until after the black boxes are found. all 90 passengers on board died in the crash. officials in peru hope they can rescue hundreds more stranded tourists today from the famed inca trail to machu picchu. they have been trapped 8,000 feet up since sunday. after raging rivers washed out bridges and roads. with more, here is gloria
3:38 am
riviera. >> reporter: the peruvian military managed to airlift 20 sick and elderly tourists to safety. nearly 2,000 others remain trapped at peru's famous incan ruins. >> we are so thankful. we are so thaigful. thank you, thank our lord, thank god for everything. >> reporter: days of heavy rain have battered the last stop on the way to machu picchu. dozens of landslides and major flooding have killed an unknown number of people and forced hundreds to flee. from here there is just one railway system that reaches the 7,000-foot incan city of machu picchu. it attracts up to 2,500 tourists a day. this engineer said dozens of points along the railroad were damaged, walls have collapsed and mudslides are blocking the route. that has left thousands of tourists stranded withouaccess to supplies until train service resumes or more comprehensive airlift effort gets under way. gloria riviera, abc news. residents near albany, new york, were bracing for severe flooding but they dodged a
3:39 am
bullet. a swollen river was on the brink of spilling over yesterday but the ice rapidly flowed downstream instead of jamming and the water receded. look at that. now here's a look at your wednesday weather. it will be stormy in the southwest. light rain from southern california into arizona and new mexico. up to 1 foot of snow in the rockies. a mix of snow and ice in the texas panhandle. lake-effect snow from michigan to upstate new york. a dusting in iowa, indiana and missouri. >> a frigid 4 in fargo. 10 in minneapolis. 27 in chicago. 40s in the northeast. 55 in atlanta. 72 in miami. a wet 64 in phoenix. 56 in sacramento. a joke was supposed to be on him but a high school basketball coach ended up getting the last laugh. >> joel branstrom was told he would win tickets to the ncaa final four if he could sink a half-court shot blindfolded. as part of the prank, the kids planned to cheer him on when he missed the shot to make him
3:40 am
think he made it. but unbelievably, he nailed the shot. >> wow, look at that. there were no final four tickets so the kids pitched in to give the coach a gift card to a restaurant instead. the latest word now is that people who saw the shot, because it's been downloaded hundreds of times, now he has offers for those ncaa tickets. >> he deserves them. those no-good kids, pranksters. we'll be right back.
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nearly two weeks to the moment after the earthquake in haiti, u.s. soldiers rescued a haitian man from the rubble of a port-au-prince building.
3:44 am
the man's family said he's been missing two weeks but it's unclear whether he'd been trapped in the initial quake. he was brought to the u.s. aid facility with a broken leg and other undeclared injuries. now ironically enough, he was found on what is known as miracle street. aid officials say the medical aspect of the relief effort is improving but it remains critical. >> across haiti there's growing criticism of the nation's leaders and their reaction to the crisis. but haiti's first lady is answering back. >> on the ground of haiti's ruined presidential palace she's been talking to rupert wingfield-hayes of the bbc. >> reporter: how do you start to rebuild a country when even the citadels of power lie in ruins? >> it is a waste to even ask why. >> reporter: the first lady of haiti took me on a tour of the devastated presidential palace. >> before the earthquake i was standing right here on the stairs. fortunately, i had that ceremony to attend and i left here at 4:30. >> otherwise you might have
3:45 am
still been here. >> yeah, we would have all been here, right there. >> reporter: she rejects growing criticism her husband has disappeared and abandoned his people. >> everybody is a victim as we talk right now. the state is a victim. the minister of finance has lost his son. yet everybody has gathered themselves and tried to react in the best of their capacity. >> reporter: that's of little consolation to the hundreds of thousands still living in the open. literally a stone's flow from the presidential palace, this is the reality of life for most people in port-au-prince. these people are living in complete squalor. and they told us they feel like they've been forgotten by their government. when we voted for the president we voted for change and for a better country. but we just don't have that. preval has done nothing, this woman says. he's not in charge of our people.
3:46 am
the riots and the stealing, that's because people have lost hope. it's their last resort. we've been left to fend for ourselves, says this man. we haven't even been given tents. we've had to use our own sheets. >> one need to understand, with this size of catastrophe, it's very difficult to react and react immediately and actually satisfy everybody. >> reporter: but just a few hundred meters away this was the scene outside a u.n. food station. the remarkable patience shown by the haitian people so far is wearing very thin. rupert wingfield-hayes, bbc news, port-au-prince. >> troubling scenes remain. straight ahead we will change gears and look ahead to today's big announcement from apple. >> steve jobs presumably has his jeans and black mock turtleneck ready to go. [shouting] [swords clank] watch out! all hands on deck! ...but when it mattered most...
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give me all your treasure! imagine what a little time can do for your family. ah, ha! take that! missed me! uhh! it's our connection to our community it's our lifeline to the emergency information we need it's a free service that provides free entertainment. but one day soon, it could be taken away. there's a movement among special interest groups to limit free antenna tv and millions of americans who depend on it would lose out. let's tell congress to keep free antenna tv as part of our communications future. always free and always local.
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apple's steve jobs says he is about to unveil his greatest invention yet. something that could send shock waves through the publishing world, doing for books and newspapers what apple has already done for music.
3:49 am
our jeremy has gone down the street to the 24-hour apple store here in new york. good morning, jeremy. >> good morning, vinita. a lot of excitement at apple stores like this one and all across the country where this thing will at some point could go on sale down the road. now, you could say this is the best and worst-kept secret in computer history. we all know that steve jobs will make some sort of announcement about a computer tablet later today. beyond that we don't know what this thing will do or even what it will look like. >> these tablets of stone. >> the writing of god. >> reporter: not since moses' big announcement has word of a tablet generated this much excitement. the speculation has been building to near biblical proportions. while no one on the outside really knows what steve jobs has up his sleeve, best guesses say it will be a 10-inch touch-screen device designed for reading, watching video and browsing the web. the "new york times" david carr is one of the journalists summoned to today's announcement
3:50 am
in california. >> they've made it clear to almost everyone not what it is but they should make sure and be there. >> reporter: leave it to apple to jinn up so much hype by saying so little. apple has long been a master at playing with our heads. like that famous 1984 commercial introducing the first mac. >> and you'll see why 1984 won't be like "1984." >> reporter: in the more than quarter century since, apple has built a cult-like following, lining them up and packing them in for ipods, video ipods, apple tv, the iphone. >> only apple, a company with this kind of track record, could play hide the peanut like they have. we don't really know what they're going to have. and have people still show up. we're all going to show up because it's apple. >> reporter: these days apple is clearly on a winning streak. but there have been missteps in the past. devices that were too ahead of their time. like apple's newton back in the late '90s. it never really caught on. but the world is a different place since then. now you can watch stories like
3:51 am
this one, on the go, right on your iphone. few could have imagined just how much this little device would change things. and in just a few hours, we'll get our first peek at what could be the next big thing. back here at apple's 24-hour store in manhattan the big question for mac addicts is, how much is this thing going to cost? the best estimate is somewhere between $700 and $1,000. but nobody seems to know for sure. >> no questioning that is definitely a lot of money. i what to ask for all those people who may just want a book reader, why wouldn't they just go out and get the new kindle or nook? >> no doubt this will be big competition for the kindle and nook. we're hearing this is going to be so much more than a book reader. it will have a color monitor, you can check e-mail, get on the web. bigger than an iphone, smaller than a tra editional laptop. the lines will be huge once this goes on sale. i can't wait. i'll be standing out here myself
3:52 am
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welcome back. a new book is shedding light on the papacy of john paul ii. for the first time ever the become confirms john paul used to whip himself with a belt as a way of imitating the suffering of jesus. and it says he would regularly sleep on the floor and deny himself food, particularly during lent. the book was written by a monsignor who is promoting john paul's case for sainthood. news from the box office this morning. as we have been telling you, james cameron's "avatar" has be been the number one movie for the past several weeks. that's the case around the world, not just here in the u.s.
3:56 am
when you put all those receipts together you get one thing, the biggest-grossing movie ever. mark mullen has details. >> reporter: there's no dispute "avatar" is the biggest moneymaker of all-time. the 3d epic shattering the previous $1.8 billion record with the help of u.s. ticket sales and especially those overseas. and the movie is just getting started. >> i mean, this is huge. nobody thought this would happen. >> reporter: admirable to be sure. but "avatar's" numbers don't tell the whole story. >> in evaluating it in comparison to previous films we have to adjust for inflation. a lot of films were put out many years ago when tickets were simply a lot less expensive. >> well, how could you do this to me? >> reporter: 1939, when "gone with the wind" was released, a movie ticket cost around a quarter. based on ticket sales, adjusted for inflation, the classic would be the highest-grossing movie ever, $6.2 billion. 1977, "star wars" would have generated $2.8 billion in today's money. cameron's 1997 mega-hit
3:57 am
"titanic" was seen by twice as many people as "avatar." $2.5 billion in ticket sales adjusted for inflation. ♪ the hills are alive >> reporter: "the sound of music," about $2 billion, still more than "avatar's" box office. not that hollywood is dissing "avatar's" success. >> it's an impressive achievement nonetheless. >> reporter: most studios would go to the moon and back to produce a movie that could make almost $2 billion at the box office. especially in today's economy. mark mullen for abc news, los angeles. and to close this half hour, what is better with a movie than popcorn? not much. most of the popcorn we eat in theaters is popped in a machine invented at chicago's cretors. the company is celebrating the 125th anniversary of its first popping machine. is a bondfrom humble beginnings that we share to help us stay close. [male announcer] find out how you can help at uso dot org
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new ideas. tonight, the president tries to revive his agenda and his image. >> what i'm going to do is propose a series of measures that show we are serious about it. >> but republicans have already begun to pounce. sales shutdown. you can't buy the nation's most popular car today. toyota stopped sales and production as it tries to solve a problem that has already turned deadly. and super controversy over a super bowl ad about abortion. >> they can at least respect that i stand up for what i believe. >> the star athlete and his mom on the ad that hasn't even aired yet. it's wednesday, january 27th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> so much is made of super bowl ads every year. but this is the one that everybody's talking about this year.
4:01 am
tim tebow under fire. cbs under fire. it's certainly a lot of people talking. >> usually the controversy comes after it airs. in this particular case, we still have to wait to air but we're hearing all about it. >> more about that this half hour. good morning, i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. president obama has a lot riding on tonight's state of the union address. the question, can he rescue what's becoming an increasingly unpopular agenda? >> the president will tackle three critical issues. the economy, getting it back on track, and curtailing federal spending. terrorism, implementing new efforts to combat threats from around the world. and also education, renewing the commitment to reform, improving the outcome for students from kindergarten through college. >> t.j. winick is in washington for us this morning with a preview. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. president obama says he is serious about cutting the budget
4:02 am
deficit. to prove this is the case, in his state of the union address tonight he's expected to announce a salaryezor t white house ate whitossadnin.te president obama will propose a three-year freeze on domestic spending programs during his first state of the union address wednesday night. he spoke about tackling the federal budget deficit, revealed tuesday to be just under $1.35 trillion, with abc's diane sawyer. >> we're not going to solve it easily. there aren't any magic solutions to it. it's going to be a slow chipping away. what i'm going to do is propose a series of measures that show we are serious about it. >> reporter: the news of the freeze landed like a thump on capitol hill. with both liberals -- >> if people are hungry you want to make sure that we're appropriately so that nobody goes hungry. >> reporter: and conservatives goes hungry. >> reporter: and conservatives >> d's otaklo more than modest freeze to get us back on the right track. dde.rdinthe psabillheo -
4:03 am
but it will really onlyt one-eighth bud areas like pentagon spending, veterans' programs, homeland security and foreign aid will not be subject to the freeze. >> and it's only one of the gs tgoinbe but it's nonetheless important. it's important to draw a line somewhere. >> reporter: the federal budget deficit is just another area where the president's popularity has taken a major hit. according to the et a news/"washingto posl of ameicanpprothe ereta? >> t.j., thanks. the president has invited some special guests to sit with the first lady tonight. they are police sergeants kimberly munley and mark todd, the two officers credited with stopping last year's shooting rampage at ft. hood. abc news will have live coverage of the president's address followed by the republic responrtinnigh we are following a developing story from asia this morning. there are new tensions between north and south korea after the two countries exchanged fire over a disputed western border.
4:04 am
the south korean military says the north fired first. in all, there were more than 100 rounds exchanged. now north korea says it will continue firing off the west coast as part of the military drill. in haiti, there is a growing bottleneck as the international aid effort is hampered by an overloaded airport and a crippled seaport. officials say there's a week-long backlog of up to 1,000 flights waiting for permission to land. our david wright reports from port-au-prine thenen oving. >> reporter: no sooner did the white u.n. trucks appear than the crowd started to swarm. thousands of people converging in an instant. all of them desperate for help. the need is so great here in haiti that unfortunately, this is the scene at just about every food distribution. the u.n. forces are having to use pepper spray to subdue the crowd. in effect, without these u.n. troops here it would quickly become a stampede. near the same spot, things did get out of control. the crowd pushed past the
4:05 am
peacekeepers. people mugged each other, stealing boxes of food. the world food program feeds 100,000 people a day this way in haiti, rotating the sites. but the demand is overwhelming. like most days, some of the people on line went home with nothing. any time the trucks come, i can't get to the food, says this woman. the men get all of it. the u.n. peacekeepers are aware of that problem. they try to give the more vulnerable a helping hand. >> it's impossible to distribute food when it's like that. we try to have it as organized as possible. >> reporter: across town, in a wealthy suburb, a stark contrast. a tent city for 50,000 set up on a local golf course. this camp, overseen by the 82nd airborne, is a model for how it should be done. but this place is an exception. the vast majority have to scrabble for what they can get. in this case, enough food to last 15 days. this woman was so exhausted, she almost collapsed under the weight of her rice and beans. this boy was so small, his bag was almost bigger than he was.
4:06 am
david wright, abc news, port-au-prince. back here at home now, the extraordinary effort by toyota to fix another major safety problem. the automaker is ordering its dealers not to sell some of their most popular models. five production lines will also be temporarily shut down. here's brad wheelis. >> reporter: the order from toyota stems from problems with gas pedals which were first reported by abc news. drivers say the cars seemed to accelerate by themselves. dealers have been told to stop selling eight of toyota's most popular models. rav4, corolla, matrix, avalon, camry, tundra, sequoia. making up 60% of toyota's u.s. sales last year. toyota went a step further. as of february 1st it's shutting down the assembly lines which make the vehicles in indiana, kentucky, texas and canada. >> i think it's a good thing, they probably should have done it a few weeks go when they were saying it was the gas pedal,
4:07 am
floor mats. >> reporter: recent reports of accidents such as this one that killed four people near dallas last month have battered toyota's reputation for quality. at first the company blamed floor mats which they said could slide under the gas pedal making it stick. >> we continue to find evidence from a variety of consumers that come to us with incidents that cannot be explained by a floor mat. >> reporter: after the accidents continued, toyota recalled 2.3 million cars and trucks to correct sticking accelerator pedals. in stopping sales and production, the head of toyota usa, bob carter, says "this action is necessary until a remedy is finalized." the statement did not begin to hint when dealers will resume sales. brad wheelis, abc news, los angeles. two other major automakers, ford and gm, say they are going to expand production. that could put more than 1,000 workers back on the assembly line in cities like chicago. the new hires will earn about $14 an hour, about half as much as current workers.
4:08 am
and general motors has finally found a taker for its saab brand. the small dutch luxury carmaker speicher has agreed to buy the brand for $74 million in cash and saab stock. before the deal saab had been slated for liquidation because it was a money loser for gm. four conservative activists are under arrest charged with tampering phones in the new orleans office of democratic senator mary landrieu. among them, james o'keefe who infamously posed as a pimp on hidden camera last fall. he targeted the community organizing group known as a.c.o.r.n. filming staffers appearing to give advice on how to get around housing and tax laws. this time o'keefe was rolling again while associates posed as phone repair men to again access to the senator's office. if convicted, all four face up to ten years in prison. parts of southern maine are drying out after a treacherous ice jam barged down a river, flooding streets in several towns. the jam was one-quarter mile long and the force of the ice was so powerful it toppled trees, clipped telephone poles
4:09 am
like twigs. flood waters rose so fast an entire parking lot was underwater in just eight minutes. what a mess. >> yikes. well, here's a look at your forecast for today, wednesday. wet day in phoenix, tucson, and the west texas town of el paso. as showers move from southern california into the southern rockies and later to texas. heavy mountain snow for arizona, utah, colorado, and new mexico and several inches of snow from michigan all the way up to new york. >> 40s from boston to baltimore. 72 in miami. 60s in dallas and new orleans. 20s in chicago and detroit. 10 in the twin cities. boise will climb to 45. salt lake city will hit 38. this is the sort of thing that you don't normally see. i've been to pittsburg, kansas, small down. you don't normally see this sort of thing there. a lot of heads turning in the southeast kansas town. a giant inflatable who knows what took to the streets. >> that's actually a performance artist known as the inflatable man doing, well, what he does best. he says he walks the line
4:10 am
between the shocking and the absurd in an attempt to challenge perceptions. >> the balloon man says if he can't change people's way of thinking in a small way, he's satisfied just to make them smile. >> how does that change your thinking? i'm missing something. >> i don't know either. but that woman appears to have been assaulted by balloon man. i don't know. >> make you smile or be frightened. either will suffice. we'll be back with more "world news now."
4:11 am
4:12 am
4:13 am
we all know the super bowl is the most important football game of the year. but it's also the biggest annual event for advertisers. >> and one particular ad set to air during the game on february 7th stirs up a firestorm of controversy.
4:14 am
dan harris has the details. >> reporter: members of a group supporting abortion rights launched a web campaign against a cbs super bowl ad they have never seen. >> completely, blatant sellouts. >> reporter: in fact, pretty much all that's publicly known about the ad is that it stars heisman trophy-winning quarterback, tim tebow, known for wearing bible verses under hi eyes and that, according to the evangelical group focus on the family, which put up the roughly $2.5 million for the ad, it will celebrate family and life. >> i know a lot of people -- i mean, some people don't agree with it, you know. but i think they can at least respect that i stand up for what i believe. >> reporter: while a source at cbs says the ad will not mention the word abortion, it will deal with a personal choice that tim's mother pam made while pregnant. when she got sick, her doctor encouraged her to have an abortion. >> she called our son a mass of fetal tissue. but we didn't believe that he was a mass of fetal tissue
4:15 am
because we had prayed for timothy by name. so we believed that we would just trust him to god. >> i'm really thankful that my mom didn't choose to have an abortion. you know. i'm still here. >> reporter: a coalition of women's groups is now demanding cbs pull the ad. >> this ad is hate masquerading as love. by presenting only one option for all women about when, how to have a family and not allow other viewpoints onto the air is really quite offensive. >> our message is about family. if we're saying family's political, i think we've got deeper issues in this country. >> reporter: critics point out that in 2004, cbs turned down this ad for the united church of christ in which it welcomed gays. >> you're welcome here. >> reporter: cbs said it had moderated its approach since then and it now accepts advocacy ads. many sports fans say that is a great shame, that a day that has been one set aside for people to come together over football, could become yet another day where we are divided over politics and the culture wars.
4:16 am
dan harris, abc news, new york. >> one of many ads that will be getting scrutinized and lots of attention after the super bowl airs. speaking of the super bowl, here is one very happy saints fan. peggy bird of biloxi, mississippi. getting ready to twirl her umbrella all the way to miami to support her nfc champions. >> a very cool story. bird's tickets and most of her expenses are being paid for by her boss. he's making good on a bet he made 31 years ago. he said the saints would never make a super bowl. bird says she never lost faith. >> in his defense, that was a pretty safe bet way back when. there are a lot of people still saying, i can't believe the saints are headed to the super bowl. >> you can tell she was relishing spinning that umbrella. i liked it. >> very exciting, good for her. >> we know the president is backing them as well. straight ahead it's time for the wednesday "skinny." >> we've got one from the what was he thinking file.
4:17 am
4:18 am
the president sat down with diane sawyer. president's walking in and goes in for a kiss of diane. he rarely did that with charlie gibson, rarely. after the kiss he appeared to be completely discombobulated. >> it's not going to create any new jobs. >> the -- well -- you know -- the -- >> going forward -- >> yeah, i hope oprah doesn't see that because she will be furious. >> clever editing. >> diane does have that effect on people. i have to admit the first time i walked past her i was mumbling and stumbling for a while. >> she's a beauty. had you ever heard of paul shirley? >> the basketball layer, no. >> most people have not heard of that guy and they're probably
4:19 am
going to wish they hadn't. he's a former nba player. he played for the phoenix suns, chicago bulls, but never really gained that much notoriety. he wrote an open letter and in the letter it starts off with, i don't know if what i'm about to write makes me a monster. but take a listen to the rest of it. it reads -- this is an excerpt because it really is a long letter -- dear haitians. first of all, kudos on developing the poorest country in the western hemisphere. your commitment to human rights, infrastructure and birth control should be applauded. as we prepare to assist you in this difficult time, a polite request. if it's possible, could you not rebuild your island home in the image of its predecessor. could you not resort to the creation of flimsy shanty and shack towns. and could maybe some of you use a condom once in a while? sincerely, the rest of the >> eg >> to give you background o guy, like iid, ople don't even know who he is. he does blog for espn buhis was not on their websit
4:20 am
the guy weniowa the sit weniowa based on his crdentls h he was a national merit scholar, majored in mechanical engineering. he's caught the eye of national media outlets before. he wrote an article that garnered attention from "newsweek," the "wall street journal." he's also written a lot about the patriot act. so surely this story is going to be talked about a lot throughout the course of the day. he says he feels like he is voicing what a lot of people might be thkinge nt and as you read the exte letter, he goes on to compar saying something along the lines of, if you rebuild your house on a lower level knowing it coul flood, maybe it's your fault. me we he goes clearly on to say he's not donating a cet. >> he's probably right, he probablys sawhatof people are thinking, for better or worse. that's not to say it's admirable language. >> i think he has obviously a gonhaitnel vision - >> more famous for his words than his basketball. iterll,ome
4:21 am
you know, we've been hearing that tiger woods at rehab clinic down in mississippi, i guess. the rumor is that his wife, elin? >> elin. >> is staying with brett favre's family. he lives down there, brett favre. >> okay. >> apparently she's been staying on favre's 460-acre spread in hattiesburg, mississippi, while woods undergoes this sex addiction therapy at a nearby clinic. an confirmation of this from "us weekly"'s b seen around town, she stands out, this beautiful woman walkinound everybody is pretty certain tha' also, some other news, basically supposedly she wants to call off her dirom superst that's according to radaronlincom. apparently she's hoping to save her m rais a father. hs t hopr >> talk about making your work situation uncomfortable. chelsea hammer is breaking up with her boyfriend who happens to be her boss.
4:22 am
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here are the major stories to watch today on abc news. toyota showrooms will be less crowded today. the auto giant has suspended sales and production of eight of its most popular models. it's trying to solve a sudden acceleration problem. president obama gives his first state of the union address tonight. he'll focus on the economy, education and terrorism. and today is like the super bowl for techies. apple will unveil a new product, likely a ten-inch tablet computer that will resemble its popular iphone. >> not just for techies, for all of us. >> all of us nerds. beating all the boys in bowling. >> this does not involve some wednesday night league in the middle of nowhere. we're talking about the high-stakes, high-pressure, big-money world of bowling pros. >> that's right. one lady professional made some history last weekend as john berman tells us. >> reporter: the sounds of pins
4:26 am
crashing. and glass ceilings smashing. >> history has been made. >> reporter: 32-year-old kelly kulick bowled down an epic barrier. her weekend victory in the epic tournament of champions made her the first woman ever -- ever --r the first woman ever -- ever -- to win a top-level men's boiling tournament. >> i'm just speechless. i don't know how to describe it. >> reporter: so let me. she was awesome. four straight strikes to open the match. a final score of 265. for you nonbowlers out there, that's really, really good. as you can tell by her opponent's face. kelly's no stranger to the bad shirt, bad shoes, beer gut world of bowling. >> i just knew from fifth grade on, this is something i wanted to do full-time as a career. >> reporter: she concedes her male competition tends to be physically stronger. so you have to be craftier? >> yeah, you do. i kind of think of myself, grace kelly on a bowling lane, gliding across the approach. >> reporter: trust me, we can't .
4:27 am
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